Breakfast menu - Restaurant Polly - Restaurant at Frederiksberg

Oysters "Bloody Mary" 1 pcs. (saturday & sunday)40
Yogurt with granola & berries70
Eggs Benedict, spinach, ham, poached egg & hollandaise (truffle +75)115
Eggs Royal, spinach, smoked salmon, poached egg & hollandaise (truffle +75)150
Avocado on grilled rye bread with fresh cheese, pickled onion & tomato115
Soft boiled egg, whipped butter & toasted sourdough bread50
Scrambled eggs, whipped butter & toasted sourdough bread85
Fried egg, parmesan, whipped butter & toasted sourdough bread 
Basket of sourdough bread & whipped butter35
Fruits & vegetables150
Raspberry marmalade20
Tomato salad with pine nuts, stracciatella & basil65
Avocado with chives & Piment d'Espelette40
Havarti "Gammel Knas" Arla Unika35
Brie "Den Hvide Dame" Arla Unika40
Blue cheese "Måneskær" Arla Unika40
Meat & fish 
Smoked salmon50
Italian country ham35
Small sausages with ramsons35
French toast with blueberry marmalade & vanilla ice cream100
Waffle with butter, maple syrup & bacon (saturday & sunday)85